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"Eric is one of those journeyman production folk who simply loves making shows -- whether film, television, or direct-to-consumer productions. And with that love of production, he brings a wealth of knowledge about how best to put it all together -- maximizing creativity and audience impact without breaking the bank. His organizational skills are beyond compare and his attention to details large and small add up to stunningly beautiful results. "
Jim Allen, Studio Operations Manager
"Eric Galler is an artist with a vision. One might never look any better or truer than through the lens of a Galler production. He takes an artisan approach to his work - think welder more than painter- hammering out a vision so that all the rivets are perfectly in line, and gleaming.  He's a close collaborator with the artist or subject, and an inspired teacher of the craft. "   

 -  Elliot Blair Smith,  Projects and Investigative Reporter, Bloomberg

Content Supervisor and Writer,  TGC Plus

" OMG,  this is so cool!   ( "Life in the World's Oceans" series final product ) You have my vote.  Fantastic job Eric.  You always deliver! "   
  - Brigid Ferraro,   VP Smithsonian Institute

" He is a great character guy,  he has creative vision and represents his craft as a true professional.  Here, at TGC (Plus),  he is highly regarded and is known as our most innovative producer.  He's proven himself on series after series to be a creative force and a meticulous visual craftsman at the same time.  His primary duties include all  business and creative aspects of assigned projects and shows.  I never have to worry about a series in his hands."
  - Ed Leon,  VP Chief Brand office TGC (former)
VP Marketing PBS  Arkansas

" I've known and worked with Eric for several years. He's professional, incredibly creative and has a great eye for production and producing. He brings sets and stories to life. Eric can be depended for delivering a product you'll want to watch again and again."   
  - Anna Davalos,  PGA  Executive Producer

" I have know Eric Galler professionally for over two decades. He is a creative, incredibly knowledgeable, technically savvy individual who works well under pressure, is resourceful, he can always be counted on to get the job done.He knows how to use TV/video to tell a compelling story with originality and depth. Eric is energetic and passionate about his work. I enjoyed working with him and would do so again. I have know Eric Galler professionally for over two decades."
- Judy Stokes, Network Operations CBS Corporation
" I've had the pleasure of working with Eric Galler a number of different times and have always found him to be a passionate, dedicated, hard worker who would do anything for the shot or the project. Whether he's strapped to a roof of a moving train with a camera or diving with squids, Eric can be depended on to deliver riveting footage or an interesting story. I can't recommend Eric highly enough.  "
- Paul Miller, DGA  Writer / Director
" I worked with Eric on a number of courses for The Great Courses, and he was always innovative and professional in the production. He ran a tight team and looked for ways to produce the material so it was fresh and engaging."
-- Marcy McDonald, VP Content Product Development
" In our efforts to develop a documentary on vintage rail car travel, I was fortunate to see many of Eric Galler’s productions. I am constantly amazed by his creativity. He has the ability to take a difficult subject and visualize it so that it comes to life. In particular, he can make esoteric scientific concepts understandable and even enjoyable. Eric is not only artistic, he is dedicated and passionate about his work. He infuses his team with that same spirit and it is obvious that they have great respect for his ability. I would recommend him highly"
-- Borden Black, Executive Director of  American Private Railroad Car Owners
Journalist, News Director WRBL / WLTZ Television (former)
" Eric gets the job done. Eric conducts himself and treats his crew with respect. He is a true professional and a pleasure to work with."
-- Jim Drew,  Jib owner and opertator, Motion Power, KY
Electric and Grip, IATSE
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