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Core Competencies / Special Skills

Core Competencies

  • Transformational Leadership

  • Crafts compelling stories

  • Spearheads creative teams

  • Excels in operational management

  • Increases productivity

  • Multi-tasks effortlessly

Special Skills

  • Extensive working knowledge of digital media, still, and online video platforms including: AR, VR, 360, HDCams, Varicams, Cinealta, DSLR, Phantom high speed, Gopro, drone, motion capture, and tracking (face and body)

  • Skilled in Microsoft Office, Excel, Adobe Premiere, Final Cut Pro, Powerpoint, AfterEffects, Photoshop, Frameforge, Google Doc, TEAM, Ultipro, and Smartsheets

  • Content writer, creative scriptwriting, and editing

  • Strong facilitation and presentation skills

  • Can work independently and supervise multiple projects at various stages of production

  • Designer, set builds, studio operations, and production management

  • Problem solver, passion for quality, versatile, multi-tasker

  • Inspiring leader, bold creative thinker

  • Navigating corporate structure, creating SOP’s, reports, studio and operational procedures, project management

  • Unparalleled organization, time management and team building skills, mentoring, and communication

  • Exhibits professionalism, integrity, performs well under stress, and meets deadlines

  • Worked with unions and guilds (SAG, AFTRA, DGA, PGA, IATSE), NGO’s, and International teams

  • Mission driven, takes risks, challenges assumptions

  • Understanding of legal, business affairs, standards and practices

  • Licensing IP, music, clips, talent releases, and delivering clearances reports

  • Deep familiarity with online content platforms, online marketing, blogs, social media networks -YouTube, Facebook Instagram, IGTV, Snap chat, Podcasts, etc.

  • Attention to detail, project efficiency, organization, budgeting, and project scheduling (moviemagic)

  • Various film crew positions: director, UPM, 1st AD, director of photography, and graphic design

  • Experienced with various camera mounts, supports, dramatic lighting and chroma, green screen and virtual sets, live studio and mobile switchers, VFX, and location sound

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