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Eric Galler Producer Film and Video | EricGallerProducer_Director_PGA


" It's a pleasure to recommend Eric because he's a true professional - knowledgable, insightful, creative and detailed. Eric's experience is wide-ranging and like all good leaders he is capable of filling every position involved in a project. I mean that literally. From script development, through pre-production planning and implementation, to production, camera, lighting, sound, direction, post-production and delivery - Eric knows what's he's doing... And what others should be doing.
He is extremely organized, he works with maximum efficiency and he has the ability to manage and lead a team with enthusiasm and energy. He's dependable and reliable - the kind of person you need when deadlines are tight and problems arise. In short, in the 35 years I've spent in the industry, he's one of the handful that I would trust implicitly with a project. "
Markus Innocenti,  WGA, DGA,  Filmmaker & Author
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